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A comedy about the attempts of tribal groups around the world to watch a soccer match.

Actors: Atibou Aboubacar,Adalberto Jr.,Ahmed Alansar,Tano Alansar,Abu Aldanish,Kenshleg Alen Khan,Mahamadou Alzouma,Boshai Dalai Khan,Khoshibai Edil Khan,Mohamed Hassan Dit Blinde,Shag Humar Khan,Zeinolda Igiza,Chay Kaapor,Kinchiran Kaapor,Piriháa Kaapor
Year: 2007
Imdb: click here

" It's a very original movie, and I really couldn't compare it to anything else, but if I had to mention a similar movie, I would have to say that it's a little like "The Gods Must be Crazy""

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