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Watch Calm at Sea (La Mer à l'aube) online

Where to watch Calm at Sea (La Mer à l'aube)
A teenager joins the resistance in Nazi-occupied France during World War II.

Actors: Léo-Paul Salmain,Marc Barbé,Ulrich Matthes,Jean-Marc Roulot,Philippe Résimont,Charlie Nelson,Martin Loizillon,Sébastien Accart,Gilles Arbona,Arnaud Simon,Jean-Pierre Darroussin,Arielle Dombasle,Luc Florian,André Jung,Harald Schrott
Year: 2012
Imdb: click here

"German screenwriter, producer and director Volker Schlöndorff's television film which he co-wrote with French journalist and author Pierre-Louis Basse is based on a memorandum called "On The Hostage Question" written by a German army officer and poet named Ernst Jünger, police reports, letters from hostages, a novel by German 20th century writer Heinrich Böll and a book by Pierre-Louis Basse"

Calm at Sea (La Mer à l'aube) trailer