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When LAPD elite cop Billy Beckett is traumatized by his partner's death, Joseph Armstrong recruits him for his secret Special Investigation Squad, an elite quartet which gets a very free hand to hunt down and eliminate some of the worst criminals which would escape justice. Despite colleague Gabriel's suspicion and a reporter who hired a private detective to expose their 'police abuse', he proves his value in the fight against ruthless gangster Vic, who sacrifices even his weakling brother for a major diamond robbery. Written byKGF Vissers

Actors: Matt Nable,Peter Stebbings,Omari Hardwick,Colleen Porch,Keith David,Domenick Lombardozzi,GQ,Martha Millan,Michael B. Silver,John Billingsley,Jackie Debatin,Christina Cox,Jamai Fisher,Natascha Hopkins,Scott Reitz
Year: 2008
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" I was a bit disappointed in the ending, but then l suppose that will happen in real life as well (not telling you what l mean as it would spoil it) The actor who played the bad guy was a real B*****d, and you really wanted to see him get his comeupance, l've seen a lot of TV series that could be cancelled and I just can't understand why they did not continue with the TV series, but anyway if you get the DVD enjoy it it's well worth a good watch l give it 8/10"

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