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An evening at an Italian restaurant. Hosted by tolerant and relaxed Flora, various parties of middle-class people come in -- large and small, young and old, regulars and tourists, married and single -- to dine, converse, argue, celebrate, make confessions; to overhear other people's discussions, to interrupt them, to sing, listen to music, and enjoy life. The camera, just like the people, moves constantly from table to table, into the kitchen and the back room to observe the staff's petty jealousies and frustrations -- until two hours later it's time for everybody to go home. Written byMarkku Kuoppamäki

Actors: Fanny Ardant,Antonio Catania,Francesca d'Aloja,Riccardo Garrone,Vittorio Gassman,Giancarlo Giannini,Marie Gillain,Nello Mascia,Adalberto Maria Merli,Corrado Olmi,Eros Pagni,Daniela Poggi,Rolando Ravello,Stefania Sandrelli,Stefano Antonucci
Year: 1998
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" Scola directs his actors just like a great orchestra, keeping the action always in the same place, and following it almost in real time (I mean, 2 hours of movie to describe 2 hours in the life of the characters)"

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