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An Indonesian man with a communist background named Ramli was brutally murdered when the "Communist" purge occurred in 1965. His remaining family members lived in fear and silence until the making of this documentary. Adi, a brother of his, decided to revisit the horrific incident and visited the men who were responsible for the killings and one survivor of the purge. These meetings uncovered sadistic details of the murders and exposed raw emotions and reactions of the killers' family members about what happened in the past - much to Adi's disappointment.

Actors: Adi Rukun,M.Y. Basrun,Amir Hasan,Inong,Kemat,Joshua Oppenheimer,Amir Siahaan,Ted Yates
Year: 2014
Imdb: click here

"The star of the film, Adi the eyewear peddler, pursues this mission with intelligence and courage"

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