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The Baron is a banker, in Vienna, who works at at very fast pace. He appreciates beautiful women, but fires the beautiful Miss Frey as he considers her a diversion to work. Susie sneaks into his office to apply for the job as the Baron's secretary. Since she is plain looking, as poor as a 'Church Mouse' and very fast at dictation, she gets the job. She keeps all the women away from the Baron so that he can concentrate on his work. In Paris, Miss Frey tells Susie the secret to being 'A Woman', and the little Church Mouse becomes a Lion. Written byTony Fontana <>

Actors: Marian Marsh,David Manners,Warren William,Charles Butterworth,Frederick Kerr,Mary Doran,Robert Greig
Year: 1932
Imdb: click here

" Seems he is easily distracted by women, particularly his attractive and flirtatious secretary who he thinks is a "playgirl" rather than working girl, good for after hours only"

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