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Martin Scorsese narrates this tribute to Val Lewton, the producer of a series of memorable low-budget horror films for RKO Studios. Raised by his mother and his aunt, his films often included strong female characters who find themselves in difficult situations and who have to grow up quickly. He is best remembered for the horror films he made at RKO starting in 1940. Starting with only a title - his first was The Cat People - he would meticulously oversee every aspect of the film's completion. Although categorized as horror films, his films never showed a monster, leaving it all to the viewers imagination, assisted by music, mood and lighting. Written bygarykmcd

Actors: Martin Scorsese,Elias Koteas,Orson Welles,Val E. Lewton,Alexander Nemerov,Roger Corman,Glen Gabbard,Jacques Tourneur,Kiyoshi Kurosawa,Geoffrey O'Brien,Ann Carter,Robert Wise
Year: 2007
Imdb: click here

"Scorcese clearly delves deeply into the world of Val Lewton, practically an unknown artist in the golden era of the movies which was sadly unlauded sufficiently during his law"

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