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Where to watch Bluebeard (Barbe-Bleue)
Perrault's fairy tale presented in claymation with choral voices. Bluebeard goes courting, all six of his wives having died. He arrives at the house of a widow with two daughters. He's greatly feared, but he overcomes objections with a generous dowry. One sister (Anne) refuses him; the other accepts. At his castle, the damsel delights in precious minutes away from Bluebeard in the rose garden. The Saracens declare war; Bluebeard goes off to fight them, leaving the keys to the castle in the damsel's hands. He warns her not to enter the forbidden room. As war rages, she discovers riches in the castle and then enters the forbidden room. Will Bluebeard discover her act? Can she escape death? Written by<>

Year: 1936
Imdb: click here

" This is the story of Bluebeard, one that has been told many times by all kinds of filmmakers and Painlevé may actually be among the most famous who gave it a go"

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