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Paul Conway and his mother Jeannie Conway travel to a new town where Paul will join the local university invited by Dr. Johanson. They bring the robot BB that was developed by Paul, who is a genius in robotic. Paul befriends the paperboy Tom Toomey and has a crush on his next door neighbor Samantha Pringle, whose abusive alcoholic father Harry Pringle frequently hurts her. One day, Paul, Sam, Tom and BB are playing basketball and the ball fall in the field of their paranoid grumpy neighbor Elvira Parker that does not give it back to the teenagers. In Halloween, Tom convinces Paul to let BB open the padlock of the entrance to her house. However, there is an alarm system and Elvira blows up BB with her shotgun. Then Harry pushes her daughter down the stairs and the doctors let her brain-dead connected to the life support. However Paul convinces Tom to go to the hospital to rescue Sam and then he implants BB's chip into her brain resurrecting Samantha. But will she come back to life ... Written byClaudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Actors: Matthew Labyorteaux,Kristy Swanson,Michael Sharrett,Anne Twomey,Anne Ramsey,Richard Marcus,Russ Marin,Lee Paul,Andrew Roperto,Charles Fleischer,Robin Nuyen,Frank Cavestani,Merritt Olsen,William H. Faeth,Joel Hile
Year: 1986
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