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Hard rock idol Sammi Curr burns to death in a hotel fire. His biggest fan, Lakeridge High School student and resident metal head Eddie Weinbauer is devastated by the news and turns to local radio DJ "Nuke" for emotional support. After a heated discussion about the deceased rock star, Nuke presents Eddie with a rare demo record, the last ever recorded by Sammi and the only copy in existence. Overwhelmed by Nuke's generosity, Eddie accepts the gift without hesitation, unaware of it's dark role in things to come. After constant humiliation and a near drowning at the hands of school bully Tim Hainy and his sports jock friends, Eddie becomes enraged and vows revenge on all those who have wronged him, much to the dismay of love interest, Leslie and best friend, Roger. Alone in his room with feelings of rage and retribution racing through his mind, Eddie places the new record onto his stereo and is shocked to discover that he can communicate with the deceased rock star when it is rotated ... Written byphantomdroid

Actors: Marc Price,Tony Fields,Lisa Orgolini,Doug Savant,Elaine Joyce,Glen Morgan,Gene Simmons,Ozzy Osbourne,Elise Richards,Richard Pachorek,Clare Nono,Alice Nunn,Larry Sprinkle,Charles Martin Smith,Claudia Templeton
Year: 1986
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" They really don't get much better than this"

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