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Set in a Norwegian hamlet, this adaptation of playwright Henrik Ibsen's potent drama stars James Daly as Thomas Stockmann, an idealistic physician who discovers that the town's hot springs are contaminated. But with the community relying on the spa for tourist dollars, his warning to the powers that be -- and a hostile citizenry -- fall on deaf ears. The supporting cast includes Philip Bosco, James Olson and Kate Reid as Daly's resolute spouse. Written byBradley

Actors: James Daly,Kate Reid,Philip Bosco,Tim Daly,Barbara Dana,Conard Fowkes,Lou Gilbert,Ruth Girard,William Hansen,Earl Hedin,Ken Kercheval,Walter Klavun,James Olson,William Prince,George Voskovec
Year: 1966
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" If you do not understand the issues because you have practically no facts - how can you then come to a sensible decision? In ancient Greece under Perikles (see above), only those were allowed to vote who had taken part in the public debate about the things up for voting"

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