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The Johnny Worricker Spy trilogy concludes with Salting the Battlefield, in which our hero with his ex girlfriend, Margot are criss-crossing Europe trying to stay one step ahead of the security services and a vengeful Prime Minister. Worricker is being watched - His family and friends are being watched - He is running out of cash and he needs to make a move to reach an endgame. Written byAnonymous

Actors: Ralph Fiennes,Shazad Latif,Felicity Jones,James McArdle,Bill Nighy,Saskia Reeves,Daniel Ryan,Leanne Best,Judy Davis,Helena Bonham Carter,Ewen Bremner,Olivia Williams,Kate Burdette,Rupert Graves,Andrew Cleaver
Year: 2014
Imdb: click here

"The film does not mention a date, the name of the governing political party but we can guess this is a New Labour administration set a few years ago and although writer/director has stated that Alec Beasley is a new type of Prime Minister and Ralph Fiennes gives him a healthy dash of Lambert La Roux (The media mogul from a previous Hare play, Pravda) we can sense there is a lot of Tony Blair imbued in the character and events"

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