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A serial killer is on the prowl in the badlands of Ozona, Oklahoma, and the travelers who intersect at a roadside cafeteria somewhere between Texas and New Mexico are destined to cross his path. They include a circus clown and his stripper girlfriend, grieving sisters, a trucker, and a woman who is taking her mother to see the ocean before she dies. Tying everything together even tighter is the presence of the local radio station, whose DJ and boss don't seem to be getting along too well. Written byAry Luiz Dalazen Jr.<>

Actors: Robert Forster,Kevin Pollak,Sherilyn Fenn,David Paymer,Penelope Ann Miller,Swoosie Kurtz,Taj Mahal,Meat Loaf,Lucy Webb,Lois Red Elk,Kateri Walker,Frederick Flynn,Beth Ann Styne,Kirk Baily,Jack Leal
Year: 1998
Imdb: click here

"I liked this movie because of it's excellent character development"

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