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Where to watch Love Meetings (Comizi d'amore)
Microphone in hand, Pier Paolo Pasolini asks Italians to talk about sex: he asks children where babies come from, young and old women if they are men's equals, men and women if a woman's virginity matters, how they view homosexuals, how sex and honor connect, if divorce should be legal, and if they support closing the brothels (the Merlina Act). He periodically checks in with Alberto Moravia and Cesare Musatti. Bersani is intrusive and judgemental, prodding those who answer. The film's thesis: despite the booming post-war economy, Italians' attitudes toward sex are either rigidly Medieval (the poor and the South) or muddled and self-censoring (the bourgeoisie and the North). Written by<>

Actors: Pier Paolo Pasolini,Lello Bersani,Io Apolloni,Ignazio Buttitta,Adele Cambria,Camilla Cederna,Graziella Chiarcossi,Peppino Di Capri,Oriana Fallaci,Graziella Granata,Antonella Lualdi,Alberto Moravia,Cesare Musatti,Giuseppe Ungaretti
Year: 1964
Imdb: click here

" To be sure some of it is stuck in its time and place (practically all of the children asked "Where do babies come from?" say the stork, or something involving God or other)"

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