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The Ethiopian King Samlak offers his daughter Makeda to the powerful Pharaoh Amenes in order to secure peace between the two countries. What was intended as a political move ends as a debacle. Instead of Makeda, Amenes chooses Samlak's beautiful slave girl Theonis. Nevertheless, Amenes can not secure the love of Theonis as she is in love with the young Egyptian Ramphis. Having suffered humiliation, the Ethiopians declare war on Egypt. Amenes is injured in a battle and perishes - but only seemingly. The happy union between Theonis and Ramphis is in peril when Pharaoh Amenes returns to claim his wife and his throne. Written byAnonymous

Actors: Emil Jannings,Paul Biensfeldt,Friedrich Kühne,Albert Bassermann,Harry Liedtke,Paul Wegener,Lyda Salmonova,Dagny Servaes,Mady Christians,Tina Dietrich,Bernhard Goetzke,Waldemar Potier,Elsa Wagner
Year: 1922
Imdb: click here

"The restoration of this film ranks among the great restoration projects, and the final result, despite some missing sections, is absolutely amazing"

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