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American playboy Bernard Lawrence has cleverly designed a system using the airline timetables to keep going three affairs with flight stewardesses. However, his life soon starts to descend into a shambles after the arrival of a friend, Robert Reed, and a dreaded change to the flight order, whereby it becomes increasingly difficult to keep his three fiancées apart. Written byDavid Gibson <>

Actors: Tony Curtis,Jerry Lewis,Dany Saval,Christiane Schmidtmer,Suzanna Leigh,Thelma Ritter,Lomax Study
Year: 1965
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" The other two women, hefty knockwurst-loving Christiane Schmidtmer (as Lise "Lufthansa" Bruner) and wispy soufflé-loving Dany Saval (as Jacqueline "Air France" Grieux), are more funny than romantic"

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