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Where to watch My Way Home (Így jöttem)
In the final days of WWII, a seventeen-year-old boy wanders the countryside. He is captured by Soviet troops, then released, then captured once more - after he has donned a German uniform for warmth - and imprisoned at a remote barracks, where he strikes up an unlikely friendship with a young Russian soldier. His attempts to return home form the crux of this wonderfully lyrical film, which displays all of the director's consistent themes: the psychological presence of landscape, the randomness of violence, the arbitrary nature of power. Written by© 2003 EIFF

Actors: András Kozák,Sergey Nikonenko,Béla Barsi,Jurij Bodovszkij,Viktor Chekmaryov,Sándor Csikós,Mari Csomós,László Csurka,Ferenc Dávid Kiss,Zoltán Gera,Árpád Gyenge,Katalin Gyöngyössy,János Görbe,Tibor Haraszin,János Harkányi
Year: 1965
Imdb: click here

"My Way Home deals with very much the same themes as The Red and the White and The Round UP except here we have hope and an example of a way out"

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