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Where to watch My Way Home (Így jöttem)
In the final days of WWII, a seventeen-year-old boy wanders the countryside. He is captured by Soviet troops, then released, then captured once more - after he has donned a German uniform for warmth - and imprisoned at a remote barracks, where he strikes up an unlikely friendship with a young Russian soldier. His attempts to return home form the crux of this wonderfully lyrical film, which displays all of the director's consistent themes: the psychological presence of landscape, the randomness of violence, the arbitrary nature of power. Written by© 2003 EIFF

Actors: András Kozák,Sergey Nikonenko,Béla Barsi,Jurij Bodovszkij,Viktor Chekmaryov,Sándor Csikós,Mari Csomós,László Csurka,Ferenc Dávid Kiss,Zoltán Gera,Árpád Gyenge,Katalin Gyöngyössy,János Görbe,Tibor Haraszin,János Harkányi
Year: 1965
Imdb: click here

" A friendship of a Hungarian and Russian boy is formed when the Russian boy saves the Hungarian one from a minefield"

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