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Anthony Hope's classic tale gets a decidedly 'un-classic' treatment at the hands of Peter Sellers. Following the story somewhat, friends of the new King Rudolph of Ruritania fear for his life, and switch him with a look-a-like London cabby. Throw in two(!) lovely blondes, treachery, and a battle for life and honour, and enjoy life at its zaniest. Written byDerek Picken <>

Actors: Peter Sellers,Lynne Frederick,Lionel Jeffries,Elke Sommer,Gregory Sierra,Jeremy Kemp,Catherine Schell,Simon Williams,Stuart Wilson,Norman Rossington,John Laurie,Graham Stark,Michael Balfour,Arthur Howard,Ian Abercrombie
Year: 1979
Imdb: click here

" I can`t think of one moment when I cracked a smile never mind burst out laughing "

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