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After years of poverty, Carrier, a repairman, inherits a large sum of money upon his brother's death in an accident. Now rich, he decides it is time to make his mark and be known at any cost. Becoming more and more mentally unstable, he begins to threaten police and the government signing his tracts, "Armaguedon". A detective from Interpol heads the investigation and prepares a trap at an international conference of world leaders in Paris. Written byAline

Actors: Alain Delon,Jean Yanne,Renato Salvatori,Marie Déa,Michel Creton,Robert Dalban,Gabriel Cattand,Guy Saint-Jean,Georges Riquier,Alan Adair,Claudine Berg,Rosario Borelli,Philippe Chemin,Michèle Cotta,Anna Gaylor
Year: 1977
Imdb: click here

"An anti-hero, proletarian, and idealistic man, Louis Carrier (played by Jean Yanne) craves for waking people up to their conditioning as larvas in today's society and puts a plan into action upon inheriting some insurance money from his deceased brother"

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