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Where to watch Cowboy Bebop
Spike Spiegel is a bounty hunter in the far future with an easy going attitude and some deadly skill at martial arts. Together with his partners, Jet Black, and later Faye Valentine as well, they go from job to job across the galaxy looking for the high priced fugitives to bag. Written byKenneth Chisholm <>

Actors: Kôichi Yamadera,Unshô Ishizuka,Steve Blum,Beau Billingslea,Kevin Seymour,Wendee Lee,Megumi Hayashibara,Isshin Chiba,Melissa Fahn,Aoi Tada
Year: 1998
Imdb: click here

"If you're not a fan of anime because of its tendency to be far-fetched and downright weird at times, Bebop is the right starter series for you"

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