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Wayne Carter is a wealthy Manhattan businessman and partying playboy, he not caring about the marital status of the women with who he cavorts. His butler, Rollins, although tries to convince him that he would be happier falling in love and settling down, nonetheless aspires to his boss' lifestyle. Wayne, however, truly is tiring of his womanizing ways. Helene and Lita Andrews are sisters living together in a one room apartment. Helene is the more sensible one, she who is a currently unemployed but trained stenographer, and who supports Lita while Lita tries to get work as a dancer on the stage. Lita, however, would rather that some rich man marry and pamper her. Through indirect means, Wayne meets the sisters. Impressed by Helene and the good head she has on her shoulders, Wayne later tracks her down solely to offer her a well paying job as his executive assistant, he not having any ulterior motives in his offer. Despite being suspect that he is only after her as a woman, she accepts.... Written byHuggo

Actors: Lowell Sherman,Mae Murray,Irene Dunne,Ivan Lebedeff,Norman Kerry,Noel Francis,Claudia Dell,Purnell Pratt,Kitty Kelly,Charles Coleman
Year: 1931
Imdb: click here

" A pleasant light comedy co-starring Lowell Sherman as a sophisticated roue and a very young Irene Dunne stealing the film from the titular star"

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