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Julien and his mum care for each other very much. But Julien has committed a deadly sin: he is growing into a teenager! Worse, he has found himself a girlfriend of his age. "Mummy" is not going to tolerate such an ignominy. Julien is HER baby and will remain HERS for ever, encouraged in her "crusade" by her bovine husband and barely thwarted by the more courageous interventions of Suzanne, Julien's sympathetic big sister. Written byGuy Bellinger

Actors: Nathalie Baye,Victor Sévaux,Olivier Gourmet,Marie Kremer,Emmanuelle Riva,Michèle Moretti,Valentine Stach,Thomas Silberstein,Nicole Gros,Maxime Monsimier,Julien Oracz,Ludmila Ruoso,Sébastien Guisset,Esteban Challis,Olivier Brunet
Year: 2006
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" her family"

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