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The film centers on Jake Tilton, who acquires a mystical "monkey's paw" talisman that grants its possessor three wishes. Jake finds his world turned upside down after his first two wishes result in co-worker Tony Cobb being resurrected from the dead. As Cobb pressures Jake into using the final wish to reunite Cobb with his son, his intimidation quickly escalates into relentless murder-- forcing Jake to outwit his psychotic friend and save his remaining loved ones. Written bymonkey

Actors: C.J. Thomason,Stephen Lang,Michelle Pierce,Corbin Bleu,Daniel Hugh Kelly,Charles S. Dutton,Tauvia Dawn,Andy Favreau,Grayson Berry,Sabrina Gennarino,John Lewis,Adella Gautier,Brooklyn Proctor,Jacob Robinson,Jason Stanly
Year: 2013
Imdb: click here

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