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Lee Simon, unsuccessful journalist and wanna-be novelist, tries to get a foot into the door with celebrities. After divorcing his wife Robin, Lee gets to meet a lot folks of the rich and / or beautiful, partly through journalism, partly because he has a script to offer. But life among those from out-of-this-world is hard, and his putative success always results in defeat. Meanwhile Robin meets a very desirable TV-producer and takes the first steps in the world of celebrities herself. Written byJulian Reischl <>

Actors: Greg Mottola,Jeff Mazzola,Dick Mingalone,Vladimir Bibic,Melanie Griffith,Francisco Quijada,Aleksa Palladino,Dan Moran,Peter Castellotti,A. Lee Morris,Douglas McGrath,Kenneth Branagh,Maurice Sonnenberg,Winona Ryder,Craig Ulmschneider
Year: 1998
Imdb: click here

" Woody should've married her instead of Mia 30 years ago!! So, if Woody would've played the role that eventually played Brannagh this could've been one of his best works"

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