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In the 1960s, British painter Francis Bacon (1909-1992) surprises a burglar and invites him to share his bed. The burglar, a working class man named George Dyer, 30 years Bacon's junior, accepts. Bacon finds Dyer's amorality and innocence attractive, introducing him to his Soho pals. In their sex life, Dyer dominates, Bacon is the masochist. Dyer's bouts with depression, his drinking and pill popping, and his satanic nightmares strain the relationship, as does his pain with Bacon's casual infidelities. Bacon paints, talks with wit, and, as Dyer spins out of control, begins to find him tiresome. Could Bacon care less? Written by<>

Actors: Derek Jacobi,Daniel Craig,Tilda Swinton,Anne Lambton,Adrian Scarborough,Karl Johnson,Annabel Brooks,Richard Newbould,Ariel de Ravenel,Tallulah,Andy Linden,David Kennedy,Gary Hume,Damian Dibben,Antony Cotton
Year: 1998
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"The idea of falling is important in this story"

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