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In an anthill with millions of inhabitants, Z 4195 is a worker ant. Feeling insignificant in a conformity system, he accidentally meets beautiful Princess Bala, who has a similar problem on the other end of the social scale. In order to meet her again, Z switches sides with his soldier friend Weaver - only to become a hero in the course of events. By this he unwillingly crosses the sinister plans of ambitious General Mandible (Bala's fiancé, by the way), who wants to divide the ant society into a superior, strong race (soldiers) and an inferior, to-be-eliminated race (the workers). But Z and Bala, both unaware of the dangerous situation, try to leave the oppressive system by heading for Insectopia, a place where food paves the streets. Written byJulian Reischl <>

Actors: Woody Allen,Dan Aykroyd,Anne Bancroft,Jane Curtin,Danny Glover,Gene Hackman,Jennifer Lopez,John Mahoney,Paul Mazursky,Grant Shaud,Sylvester Stallone,Sharon Stone,Christopher Walken,Jim Cummings,April Winchell
Year: 1998
Imdb: click here

"Okay, so it's not War and Peace, but this film is about as dark and meaningful as you could want a big-budget comedy animation to be"

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