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Where to watch Cadaver Christmas, A
United by terrifying and bizarre circumstances, the janitor, the drunk, the bartender, the cop, his perp, and the student security guard must fight to undo the professor's work. A dark force is at work in the cadaver lab this Christmas and this unconventional band of heroes are the only hope the world has against an army of living corpses that are quickly recruiting new members. The undead have been given the gift of life and it's up to the janitor to take it back. Written byAnonymous

Actors: Daniel Rairdin-Hale,Hanlon Smith-Dorsey,Yosh Hayashi,Ben Hopkins,Jessica Denney,Andrew Ryan Harvey,Michael Kennedy,Mark Weitzel,Matt Cox,Megan Cox,Sarah Garvey,Bob Zerull,Rusty K. Koll,Lisa Kahn,Jim Leichsenring
Year: 2011
Imdb: click here

"Having seen many of Zerull's short films, I was anxiously awaiting the release of this film"

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