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American boy, Cody, whose parents have died, lives in Australia with his guardian, Gaza. Cody is very imaginative, inventive, and inquisitive. He comes across some strange events happening in Devil's Knob national park associated with an aboriginal myth about "frog dreamings". Cody tries to investigate... Written by<>

Actors: Henry Thomas,Tony Barry,Rachel Friend,Tamsin West,Dempsey Knight,John Ewart,Chris Gregory,Mark Knight,Dennis Miller,Katy Manning,Laurie Dobson,Jay Mannering,Tim Hughes,Howard Eynon,David Ravenswood
Year: 1986
Imdb: click here

" It's a crime that Henry Thomas didn't succeed into a great career after this as it certainly proved he was very talented as an actor (though I hear he's doing well in a film called Fever at the moment)"

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