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Sprawling story of Prohibition set against two families and how they are affected by booze. The stories come together when two young people (Robert Young, Dorothy Jordan) join in a common fight against liquor because it has destroyed their families. Both pros and cons are presented, but the screenplay definitely sides with the abstainers. The fathers destroyed by demon rum are played by Walter Huston and Lewis Stone, and look for Jimmy Durante as a bearded federal agent! Written byEd Lorusso

Actors: Dorothy Jordan,Lewis Stone,Neil Hamilton,Emma Dunn,Frederick Burton,Reginald Barlow,John Larkin,Gertrude Howard,Robert Young,Walter Huston,Jimmy Durante,Wallace Ford,Myrna Loy,Joan Marsh,John Miljan
Year: 1932
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" Walter Huston, one of Hollywood's most convincing actors of his era, outdoes himself in this movie"

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