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During the 70's, some Komodo Dragon eggs were dumped on the beach of a North Carolina island. Somehow, the baby Komodos survived, and twenty years later they have grown up and taken over the island for themselves. Young Patrick has lost his parents and his dog to the lizards, but didn't see them himself, which has left him traumatized. Now, with his therapist Victoria, who doesn't believe the Dragons are real, he is returning to the island to confront his fears. Soon people are being chomped, and Patrick and Victoria must fight for their lives if they ever hope to make it back home. Written byJean-Marc Rocher <>

Actors: Jill Hennessy,Billy Burke,Kevin Zegers,Paul Gleeson,Nina Landis,Michael Edward-Stevens,Simon Westaway,Bruce Hughes,Jane Conroy,Melissa Jaffer,Brian McDermott,Nique Needles
Year: 1999
Imdb: click here

" I know that a lot of people may not have liked it because it was a monster movie but we liked it because it was both entertaining and even though sometimes we knew what was going to happen we screamed because it was actually scary! Most movies that are classified as horror are not scary at all but this was!!! I recommend that you see it, but this is just my opinion and you probably have different taste in movies!"

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