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This movie can inspire you to overcome whatever obstacles you have, when you see how Marva Collins overcame the obstacles, financial and otherwise, in opening her own School in her home. When she was teaching in Public School, someone vandalized her Classroom. She tells the students whoever did it had a key, since she found the Classroom Door locked. That is why I disagree with the person who said the Classroom was disturbed by Students. The Students would not normally have a key to her Classroom. Written byrobert delrosso (rdelrosso2001)

Actors: Cicely Tyson,Morgan Freeman,Rodrick F. Wimberly,Mashaune Hardy,Brett Bouldin,Samuel Muhammad Jr.,Dianne Kirksey,Steven Williams,Frankie Hill,Charlie Brown,Marsha Warfield,Ce Ce Thompson,Jimmie F. Skaggs,Mike Genovese,Kelly Crosby
Year: 1981
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" The school system will be whole lot better if they use Marva Collins methods"

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