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Watch Maria, ihm schmeckt's nicht! (Maria, He Doesn't Like It) online

Where to watch Maria, ihm schmeckt's nicht! (Maria, He Doesn't Like It)
When Jan decides to marry his girl-friend Sara, he is not aware of his opponent: her father, who is an Italian patriarch. Antonio won't hear of a wedding anywhere else than in Campobello, his hometown in southern Italy. Jan is faced with an overwhelmingly large Italian family, forced to discover new traits in his bride once she's embraced her Italian side, and looking forward to a lifetime of being the fifth wheel. But by and by, he also realizes that Antonio, who left his family for Germany when he was young and married a German woman later, knows all these feelings first-hand and doesn't like him the less for them. Still, there is the question: Should Jan and Sara really get married? Written byemkarpf

Actors: Lino Banfi,Christian Ulmen,Mina Tander,Maren Kroymann,Gundi Ellert,Peter Prager,Paolo De Vita,Ludovica Modugno,Lucia Guzzardi,Antonino Bellomo,Leonardo Nigro,Pierluigi Ferrandini,Sergio Rubini,Marleen Lohse,Enzo Salomone
Year: 2009
Imdb: click here

" Since I haven't read the book, I can't compare the film to it"

Maria, ihm schmeckt's nicht! (Maria, He Doesn't Like It) trailer