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Clifford Peache is the new kid in Lake View High School. Faced with all the stress that role entails he makes his situation worse by insulting Moody, the leader of a group of toughs who extort lunch money from kids. These punks pretend to be bodyguards for the kids to protect them from Linderman who, it is rumored, killed his brother in cold blood. Clifford befriends the sullen Linderman and hires him as his bodyguard. When Moody ups the ante, Linderman must decide whether fighting for what he believes in, with his haunted past and image, is justified. Written byRick Gregory <>

Actors: Chris Makepeace,Adam Baldwin,Matt Dillon,Paul Quandt,Hank Salas,Joan Cusack,Dean R. Miller,Tim Reyna,Richard Bradley,Denise Baske,Vicky Nelson,Tom Rielly,Paul Charbonneau,Laura Salenger,Bert Hoddinott
Year: 1980
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