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In Los Angeles, the hot-tempered collector of cans Socrates "Socco" Fortlow is an ex-con that has served a long sentence for killing a man and a woman. Now he is trying to build a new life and find a job. However he is discriminated against his age, color and background. His only friend is Right Burke, who is dying of cancer. He also helps a young woman that is having problems with her husband. When Socco meets the boy Darryl, he finds that Darryl lives with a foster family that does not take care of him. Further, he has just witnessed the murder of another boy by a small-time criminal. Socco helps the boy to grow-up while helps Burke and tries to find work at a supermarket. Written byClaudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Actors: Laurence Fishburne,Daniel Williams,Bill Cobbs,Natalie Cole,Laurie Metcalf,Alan Wilder,Cicely Tyson,Bridgid Coulter,Bill Nunn,Isaiah Washington,Bill Duke,Kevin Carroll,Jamaal Carter,John Toles-Bey,Brooke Marie Bridges
Year: 1998
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"It doesn't happen very often where you actually take some type of a lesson from a film"

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