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Murphy plays an ex-Quantrill's (Quantrell) Raider who's released from jail with buddy Cooper to be deputized as Arizona Rangers in order to hunt down the remnant of the gang, rumored to he hiding out in a town "neer dee border" in the words of the loose-lipped saloon dancer. The goons are found hiding in an Indian mission. Murphy and Cooper pretend to want to rejoin the gang, but the bad guys catch on and brutally beat Cooper, who protects Murphy's true sentiments to the death. Written byRita Richardson

Actors: Audie Murphy,Michael Dante,Ben Cooper,Buster Crabbe,Gloria Talbott,Ray Stricklyn,George Keymas,Fred Krone,Willard W. Willingham,Boyd 'Red' Morgan,Fred Graham
Year: 1965
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" After being sentenced to 20 years hard labor for crimes while riding with the Quantrell's Raiders, a young confederate hero(Audie Murphy)is offered an unconditional pardon if he will help round up the remnants of the notorious gang that is still terrorizing Arizona Territory"

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