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In Phoenix, Arizona, all is not well at the local police station as some of the colleagues are not good of heart. Superstitious cop Harry Collins is on the take. He a compulsive gambler who is forced to plan a heist with fellow cops Mike, James, and Fred to rip off local pimp and overall bad guy, Louie, to pay off gambling debts run up with "bookie" Chicago. Written byChris Foster <>

Actors: Ray Liotta,Anthony LaPaglia,Daniel Baldwin,Jeremy Piven,Royce D. Applegate,Xander Berkeley,Tamara Clatterbuck,Vanessa Munday,Al Sapienza,Yvette Cruise,John Henry Whitaker,Glenn Morshower,Brittany Murphy,George Murdock,Kathryn Joosten
Year: 1998
Imdb: click here

" Also, watch out for the amazing Tom Noonan as a lisping bookie and a scene with Giovanni Ribisi where you can see the conclusion coming but is still satisfying even if you've already figured it out because of Liotta's intense performance"

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