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Pilot Mimino works at small local airlines in Georgia, flying helicopters between small villages. He dreams of piloting large international airlines aircrafts, so he goes to Moscow for refresher courses. There in a hotel he meets truck driver Rubik from Armenia who is given a place in that hotel by mistake, and they have a lot of adventures in Moscow. Written bySergey Ukladov <>

Actors: Vakhtang Kikabidze,Mher Mkrtchyan,Elena Proklova,Evgeniy Leonov,Kote Daushvili,Ruslan Mikaberidze,Zakro Sakhvadze,Marina Dyuzheva,Rusiko Morcheladze,Archil Gomiashvili,Aleksey Alekseev,Vladimir Basov,Valentina Titova,Borislav Brondukov,Zeinab Botsvadze
Year: 1977
Imdb: click here

"A memorable quote: "Listen, I'll tell you one clever thing, just don't get hurt: I must drive to the airport first, because in the airport there's one Georgian, my familiar friend; I'll come to him and tell him - 'Hello, Valiko-chan', and he'll say - 'Wah!'; so it will be pleasant to him and when it will be pleasant to my friend, it will be pleasant to me and when it will be pleasant to me I'll drive in such a way that it will be pleasant to you too!" (as you see, it's quite hard to translate the style - the original is a lot better)"

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