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Where to watch Bajo la Sal (Under the Salt)
A series of murders leads commander TRUJILLO to Santa Rosa de la Sal a town close to a salt mine, where he meets VÍCTOR ZEPEDA - a lonely teenager who works in his father funeral home and spends his free time making crude animated horror films - who's strange behavior seems to point at him as the culprit of the crimes. Written byAnonymous

Actors: Humberto Zurita,Plutarco Haza,Emilio Guerrero,Irene Azuela,Ricardo Polanco,Moises Arizmendi,Julio Bracho,Blanca Guerra,Juan Carlos Barreto,Gaston Peterson,Damayanti Quintanar
Year: 2008
Imdb: click here

"I've just finished watching this movie at home because of the poor distribution that had when it was released at Mexican theaters"

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