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When Polly Fisher, a circus aerialist, is hurt while performing, she is taken to the house of a nearby minister, John Hartley. As she recuperates, they fall in love with each other and secretly marry. But when the truth leaks out , John's congregation rebels at having a circus woman as their minister's wife, and he is fired. Polly decides to leave John in hopes of giving back to him the calling that means so much to him. But fate steps in and rearranges all plans. Written byJim Beaver <>

Actors: Marion Davies,Clark Gable,C. Aubrey Smith,Raymond Hatton,David Landau,Ruth Selwyn,Maude Eburne,'Little Billy' Rhodes,Guinn 'Big Boy' Williams,Clark Marshall,Lillian Elliott
Year: 1932
Imdb: click here

" Gable gives another very impressive, pre-fame performance and I must admit that my respect for him grows each time I see one of these forgotten films on TCM"

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