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Watch On the Road to Emmaus (Emmauksen tiellä) online

Where to watch On the Road to Emmaus (Emmauksen tiellä)
A cynical city dweller returns to his hometown to sell his family home, but becomes unexpectedly nostalgic.

Actors: Puntti Valtonen,Peter Franzén,Lotta Lehtikari,Katariina Kaitue,Tommi Korpela,Sanna-Kaisa Palo,Mika Nuojua,Janne Reinikainen,Tommi Eronen,Risto Aaltonen,Aake Kalliala,Aapo Vilhunen,Anja Pohjola,Vieno Saaristo,Tuomo Holopainen
Year: 2001
Imdb: click here

" However, after a plot twist Rane has to walk to a bridge to pay his taxi fare, and we're led into a strange road movie into finnish countryside, an odd stroll down the memory lane filled with odd characters, music and dancing"

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