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Jim Lassiter roams from town to town in search for the man who drove his sister to suicide. While riding toward a mountain pass, he sees an heiress, Jane Withersteen, being harassed by thugs and steps in to help. A religious sect wants Jane to marry their leader, Deacon Tull, so they can gain ownership of her land. When he steps in to help, Lassister slowly begins to believe that a member of this sect is the man he is looking for. Written byRonos

Actors: Ed Harris,Amy Madigan,Henry Thomas,Robin Tunney,Norbert Weisser,G.D. Spradlin,Lynn Wanlass,Bob L. Harris,Jerry Wills,Rusty Musselman
Year: 1996
Imdb: click here

"I was an avid Zane Grey reader as a teenager in the forties & have not re-read the book since"

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