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Botanist Frank Parrish leads an expedition to the Himalayas to seek out new flora, accompanied by hardboiled news photographer Peter Wells. When their lead guide, Subra, learns his wife has been kidnapped by a Yeti, Parrish disbelieves him, so the sherpas commandeer the expedition at gunpoint and turn it into a search-and-rescue party. To Parrish's surprise, they discover a whole family of Yetis in a cave, and are able to subdue the male and carry it back to civilization, to ship to the USA for study. Subra is forgiven his acts because he was right after all. Wells, meanwhile, phones in the story and Parrish finds his discovery - shipped upright in a meat cooler to maintain its natural environment - detained in the US because Wells' story refers to it as a snowMAN, and a decision must be made whether this is a customs or immigration matter. During this bureaucratic snafu, the creature escapes its containers and disappears into Los Angeles, mysteriously appearing in different parts of ... Written byRich Wannen <>

Actors: Paul Langton,Leslie Denison,Teru Shimada,Rollin Moriyama,Robert Kino,Robert Hinton,Darlene Fields,George Douglas,Robert Bice,Keith Richards,Rudolph Anders,William Phipps,Jack Daly,Rusty Wescoatt
Year: 1954
Imdb: click here

" The monster seen weaving in and out of cattle carcasses in a meat plant 3"

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