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Where to watch The Best Man (Testimone dello sposo, Il)
Incredibly, the bride at the altar falls in love with the best man on first sight, and even though he makes efforts to avoid her infatuation with him, she is determined to annul her marriage and marry the best man. And although she is able to dissolve her marriage, because she has never consummated it, the best man leaves... only to return to her many months later. Written byBOB STEBBINS <>

Actors: Diego Abatantuono,Inés Sastre,Dario Cantarelli,Cinzia Mascoli,Valeria D'Obici,Mario Erpichini,Ada Maria Serra Zanetti,Ugo Conti,Nini Salerno,Alessandra Chiti,Carmela Vincenti,Serena Bennato,Marcello Foschini,Barbara Orsani,Umberto Bortolani
Year: 1998
Imdb: click here

" Huge cast-- more than 40 speaking characters, nearly all distinct and well-acted"

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