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Mostly fictionalized account of the life of Ghenghis Khan, the Mongol warlord whose 13th century armies conquered much of the known world. Named Temujin, he was taken prisoner by the rival warlord Jamuga and as punishment was forced to wear a large round wooden stock that severely restricted his movements. With the help of two supporters, the wise-man Geen and the strongman Sengal he manages to escape. He now begins his quest to unify all of the Mongol tribes. He faces great success but his old nemesis Jemuga keeps appearing at various times in his life leader to a final battle between the two. Written bygarykmcd

Actors: Stephen Boyd,Omar Sharif,James Mason,Eli Wallach,Françoise Dorléac,Telly Savalas,Robert Morley,Michael Hordern,Yvonne Mitchell,Woody Strode,Kenneth Cope,Roger Croucher,Don Borisenko,Patrick Holt,Susanne Hsiao
Year: 1965
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