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Where to watch Air Bud: Golden Receiver
The Golden Receiver picks up where Air Bud left off. Josh, now legal owner of Buddy, now plays football with Buddy instead of Basketball!!! The movie takes place in the same town of Ferfield, Washington. Written byNate Gardner <>

Actors: Tim Conway,Dick Martin,Kevin Zegers,Cynthia Stevenson,Gregory Harrison,Nora Dunn,Perry Anzilotti,Robert Costanzo,Shayn Solberg,Suzanne Ristic,Alyson MacLaren,Tyler Thompson,Rhys Williams,Shahai Khademi,Jason Anderson
Year: 1998
Imdb: click here

" Suddenly Buddy shows that he too can play, but at the same time there are two kidnappers around trying to find animals to act in their circus and they intend on snatching Buddy"

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