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Dozens of American cargos with high valuable goods have disappeared, probably attacked by modern pirates. The United States decide to mobilize a team of expert SWAT, with Mike Bradley as leader, sending them to destroy the pirates' base, namely a deserted oil rig near Turkey. But these are cleverly waiting for them. Written bychacaloute

Actors: Jim Fitzpatrick,Greg Collins,Ty Miller,Justin Williams,James Hicks,Geff Francis,J. Kenneth Campbell,Burnell Tucker,Oscar James,Jenny McShane,Hayley DuMond,Andrei Butterfield,Velizar Binev,Bashar Rahal,Harry Anichkin
Year: 2000
Imdb: click here

" The scenery Production Value was awesome and just added to the movie's ability so pull you in even with all the violence, etc"

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