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Tom is forty. He walks out one day, rather abruptly, on his wife and baby boy and his seemingly happy life. He finds himself living on the streets of London. One night alone in a park he is mistaken for a gay man and is set upon by a gang of violent thugs. In A&E the next day Tom meets Aidan, the happiest, fast-talking individual you are ever likely to meet, the complete opposite of Tom. Too polite, or too weak to ask him to leave him alone Tom tries to get away from this child-like man but with little joy, Aidan sticks to Tom like glue. Tom reluctantly becomes involved in Aidan's life and he quickly realizes that Aidan has problems too. Aidan's 'girlfriend' Linda verbally and physically abuses him on a regular basis. Will Tom overcome his own problems in order to help his new 'friend'? Will Tom ever make it back home - and why exactly did Tom leave home in the first place? Written byAnonymous

Actors: Thomas Murray-Leslie,Elizabeth Murray-Leslie,Tom Fisher,Jonathan Thomas,Archie Shuttleworth,Luke Coffey-Bainbridge,Spencer Cowan,Atli Gunnarsson,Lucas Hansen,Chris O'Shea,Steven James Tyler,Paul Fennelly,Aidan Gillen,Nicky Clarke-Thraves,Victoria Barrell
Year: 2010
Imdb: click here

"Sometimes Sad Sometimes Very Funny ("Tom,Tom!! Am I Annoying Ya Tom?") :-) Overall a Very Enjoyable Film That Depicts The "Care in The Community" Aspect of The 21st Century Very Questionable Indeed!! Nevertheless,My Wife and I Were Transfixed from Start to Finish in a Film That Has All The Hallmarks of Quality and with a Good Ending! GREAT STUFF!!!!"

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