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"Somewhere in Palilula" tells the story of Serafim, a fresh graduate of a medical school, in 60's Romania. He is brought by destiny to the strange town of Palilula. Nowhere, that is. Palilula is a ghost town, lost in the middle of the Wallachia. A quarantine area, a sanatorium, an improbable hospital, a gynecological clinic in a settlement where no child is born. A small community of fools, lazies, sluts, vagabonds with angel's hearts is living under the sun in a sweet innocent unconsciousness. A community of Romanians who forgot their language, but not the nostalgia of their traditional music. Romanians with Danubian taste and disorientation. The young doctor Serafim will not get to practice his profession in this childless town. He will be drowning in the sweet and poisoned honey of the place, like a fly caught by a frog. Written byAnonymous

Actors: Anne Marie Chertic,Constantin Chiriac,Paul Chiributa,Constantin Cicort,Ana Ciontea,George Costea,Gabriel Costin,Pusa Darie,Áron Dimény,Luminita Erga,Diana Fufezean,Alexandru Georgescu,Constantin Ghenescu,Doina Ghitescu,Adrian Hostiuc
Year: 2012
Imdb: click here

" Theater drives its magic out of the intimacy of the relationship between actor and spectator, the ineffable and imperfect timing, the air and dust that spectators and actors breathe together"

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