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With gun-toting rivals on his tail, a daring bank robber takes refuge in the quiet residential street here he grew up and where his mother, Maniette, still lives. An unscrupulous property developer, Korazy, is buying up the neighborhood to turn it into a gleaming new banking district, but to her son's disgust Maniette leads the inhabitants resistance. Her ingenious methods provoke her boy's admiration, but he fights back with sneaky traps and underhand tricks when Maniette tries to force him to do the right thing just once in his life. Written byAmerican Film Market

Actors: Catherine Frot,Albert Dupontel,Bouli Lanners,Nicolas Marié,Christine Murillo,Bernard Farcy,Philippe Duquesne,Xavier Robic,Husky Kihal,Jacqueline Hervé,Jenny Bellay,René Morard,André Chaumeau,Jeanne Cellard,Philippe Uchan
Year: 2009
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