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11-year-old Wang lives with his family in a remote village in China. Life is tough, but they make the most of what little they have. When Wang is selected to lead his school's daily gymnastics, his teacher recommends that he wear a new shirt, which forces his family to make a great sacrifice. Soon after, Wang encounters a wounded man on the run and their fates are intertwined.

Actors: Jingchun Wang,Wenqing Liu,Guo Liuxing Zhong,Kexuan Zhang,Yihao Lou,Ziyi Wang,Shiyi Mo,Kimi Qiao,Yue Yu,Shiqi Zhao,Shiping Cao,Gang Cao,Qi Sun,Ni Yan
Year: 2011
Imdb: click here

" As in many Chinese films, not much is shown, but a great deal is implied"

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